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Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

Serving Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, all of New Hanover County, and nearby areas with affordable lawn services since 2010 and loving every minute of it!

FishWater Landscaping

We take care of the lawn and landscape
so you can get back to your life!

We are happy to take the lawn mowing or landscape cleanup tasks off your plate, & more.

Lawn Care Wilmington

Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care services range from lawn mowing to keeping your lawn healthy and weed free.  We also remove weeds from flower beds and keep your lawn and landscape free of debris.

Landscape Contractor Wrightsville Beach

Landscaping Services

Our landscaping services include maintaining your landscape by spreading fresh mulch and keeping your plants shaped to perfection.  We also design and install landscapes and more.

We Make It Easy

All quotes are provided as fast as possible and come with no obligation.

We are happy to get you yours!

Landscaping Wilmington NC

Additional Lawn Services

Additionally, we aerate lawns with the option to overseed at that time, or we can install sod for instant results. 

We also offer some less common lawn services including soil sampling, turf analysis, and mole and insect control.

lawn mowing service
Fishwater Landscaping Guarantee

Lawn Mowing


Weed Control









Enjoy beautiful NC…We have the yard work under control!

Fishwater has been handling the lawn mowing and landscape maintenance at our home in Wilmington for years now.   I really appreciate seeing the same faces working on my lawn and landscape year after year.

Beth C. | Homeowner in Wilmington, NC

My yard was a mess before hiring Fishwater.  I probably had more weeds than grass!  They explained it would take several treatments to gain control of the weeds and once the weeds were gone, I should plant new grass seed so the weeds can’t come right back.  I listened and had them perform their proposed plan of attack, and it worked!  I can’t believe this is really my lawn now!

Sarah T. | Homeowner is Wrightsville Beach, NC

I am not sure what the winter months do to my landscape but it looks rough by the time spring rolls around.  I’ve had Fishwater out the past 2 springs to spruce everything up and I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes!  I will definitely have them back for many springs to come.

Mark R. | Wilmington, NC

I own a business on S College Rd.  Appearance is really everything when it comes to our storefront and the lawn and landscape are a very important part of that.  It’s the first thing our customers or potential customers see.  Fishwater keeps it looking great all year long and I sincerely appreciate it.  The best part is I am saving roughly $1k per year for all of our lawn and landscape needs from what the prior contractor was charging.

William K. | Business Owner in Wilmington, NC

We had Fishwater come out and trim our shrubs, pull our weeds, and install new mulch.  We could not be happier with the results!

Jim and Michelle | Wrightsville Beach, N

We had something really weird going on with our lawn.  There were patches that looked like something was spilled on them or something.  I really didn’t know who to call.  A friend mentioned Fishwater and the rest is history!  It turned out to be a turf disease (didn’t know there was such a thing…) but their treatments cleared it up in a matter of weeks.  Back to normal! 

Chris P. | Wilmington, NC

My moles are gone!  I don’t know where they came from or what Fishwater did to get rid of them.  I don’t care…just glad I don’t have that pest destroying my lawn anymore.  Thanks guys.

Mary T. | Wilmington, NC

I have never had a nicer lawn.  I’ve had Fishwater mow and treat my lawn for 3 seasons in a row and I cannot believe what a professionally maintained lawn really looks like.  AMAZING!

Thomas P. | Wilmington, NC

Service Area

Our office and shop are located in Wilmington, NC.  Our service area covers all of New Hanover County, North Carolina with the majority of properties we currently maintain located in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.

From the Wrightsboro area down to the coast at Carolina Beach, back up the coastline to Mayfaire and Landfall, and all communities in between or nearby.

We would appreciate the opportunity to take the lawn care and landscaping chores off your plate.

We had Fishwater come out and trim our shrubs, pull our weeds, and install new mulch.  We could not be happier with the results!

Jim and Michelle | Homeowners in Wilmington, NC

Properties We Service:


Residential Homes


Rental Properties


Vacation Homes



Our Promise To You

We will treat your lawn as if it were our own.

Our passion for caring for the North Carolina lawns and landscapes shows in each and every service we perform.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, we will do whatever is necessary to make it right.

Lawn Care Quote Request Form

Lawn Care Wilmington, NC

Fishwater Landscaping is active in the Wilmington community.  We don’t just work here, we also call this stretch of the North Carolina coast home!  Whether you are a resident or business owner, have a big property or a small property, need a lot of work done or just need a 1-time service, we would love to speak with you about the benefits of using our service.

Lawn Care Service Q&A

Are your lawn service quotes free?


Do you offer any discounts?

Yes!  We offer discounts to senior citizens and for using more than 1 of our services.  Learn more about all of our lawn care special offers.

How can we pay for our lawn service?

We prefer to keep a credit card or bank account on file and draft the account each month, but we accept all types of payments. Credit card, check, cash, money order, etc. 

When did you start your lawn care business?

FishWater opened for business in January of 2010 and we have been enjoying serving the Wilmington area with quality lawn services ever since.

What kind of experience does your staff have?

We have over 60 years of combined experience in the lawn care and landscaping industry between our owners and experienced team members.  When you hire FishWater you can trust an experienced lawn care professional will be servicing your property.

Who is on your team?

You can learn more about each of our team members on our about us page.

Ann is our general manager and works in our office.  Detrick is in charge of all our lawn care and landscaping crews.  Michael is a crew leader and Akeen is a crew member.

Glenn is our modest owner who allows the team to use their skills to provide our community with a great lawn care experience.  

How often do you mow the grass?

We offer weekly or bi-weekly mowing services we also offer 1-time mowing services. 

What if it rains?

If your yard is wet because of a recent rain then our professional lawn maintenance supervisor will make the decision based on risk and reward to determine whether to mow on your scheduled day.

For example, if your grass has not grown much and it’s not very damp then they will let it go for a couple of days or get you on the next scheduled visit.

If your grass is very long and really needs cutting but it’s very damp and our professional supervisors are 90% sure we will damage the lawn if we mow then we will keep an eye on it every day until he feels like it is safe to mow. He will take care of it as soon as it is possible without damaging your yard. 

What if my grass doesn't need mowing?

If your yard has not grown enough to be cut on any given week, we will simply be back next week when it is ready.

What do you do over the winter months?

Our visits consist of making your yard look great.  We mow and/or blow on each visit.

Your monthly installment investment takes into consideration that we are mowing some weeks and compensating with other tasks during the offseason. The monthly installment is a reflection of spending more time in the summer months and less time in the winter month. The monthly cost is averaged out so that the investment is the same for all 12 months. 

What other services do you provide?

We can do just about any outside project. Our guys are more available for projects when the grass slows down. So, September – March are good months for us to help you with any projects that are not time sensitive.

I have never had a nicer lawn.  I’ve had Fishwater mow and treat my lawn for 3 seasons in a row and I cannot believe what a professionally maintained lawn really looks like.  AMAZING!

Thomas P. | Homeowner in Wilmington, NC

“We aim to impress!”

At Fishwater, we have no interest in being another lawn care company and don’t know what average means.  I personally guarantee my crews will meet and exceed your expectations, or they are going right back to your property with me, and without additional pay.

All of our employees are thoroughly trained and are very familiar with our company policies and standards.  It creates an energetic atmosphere of success with everyone working towards a single goal; complete customer satisfaction.

We are here to help.

-Detrick, Crew Supervisor

5 star lawn care google review

“The crew at Fishwater could not be more friendly!  My wife and I thoroughly enjoy our conversations with Detrick, Micheal, and Akeem as they care for our property.  They are very knowledgeable too and we often pick their brain for tips and tricks when we attempt to perform some little landscaping projects on our own.

We have been using their mowing service for 4 years now.  The attention to detail they put into each service is greatly appreciated.  Our favorite part is that they don’t just mow!  They also collect and remove any leaves and debris from our lawn and landscape and pull the weeds from our beds.

It is just so nice to get home from work and not have to worry about tidying up the lawn and garden.”

Ryan and Amy | Wilmington, NC

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Did we mention we love what we do!  We hardly consider caring for the local lawns and landscapes work and it shows with the big grins on our faces all day long.

Lawn Care Professionals

We don't just like what we do, we also enjoy learning all the best practices for lawn maintenance, plant care, and insect control to provide you with the highest level of service possible.

Licensed and Insured

We play by the rules!  When you hire Fishwater Landscaping you can rest assured we are properly licensed and insured to perform our lawn and landscape service in the state of North Carolina.

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