Lawn Seeding Service

Lawn Aeration and Grass Seeding Services

A core lawn aeration involves running a dedicated aerating machine over your lawn which pulls plugs from the soil as it goes.  The purpose of this is to de-compact the soil and allow the root system of your turf to more easily expand.

The holes created also allow water to travel deeper into the soil and your turf’s roots will dig deep to retrieve the nutrients within.

Re-Seeding Lawns

Overseeding your lawn is ideal after an aeration service.  A key to success when it comes to sowing grass seed is the seed to soil contact.  The numerous holes created during the aeration process create ideal conditions.

You aren’t limited to having us seed your entire lawn after an aeration service.  If you just have problem areas in your lawn that need to be addressed we are happy to accommodate those requests as well.

A healthy looking lawn needs regular maintenance, mowing on a regular schedule to the proper height with properly maintained equipment, including sharp blades.  But more than this, to really have an exceptional lawn, you need to treat the root system.  This involves regular maintenance and treating for pests (insects or moles).  Most people think of these things when they are maintaining their property, but don’t go that extra mile to do core aeration and overseeding when needed.  Your local golf course does this annually.  How does their “lawn” look??

If you are in need of instant results, please see our sod installation service information.

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