Other Lawn Care Services

We want to be the one and only lawn service you need in Wilmington, which is why we offer these additional lawn care services.  Here you will find some of the less common lawn care services we offer.  If you don’t see the service you need listed, please feel free to reach out and ask if it is something we could handle for you.

Additional services include:

  • Insect Suppression
  • Pest Control
  • Turf Health
  • Instant Grass
  • Weeding
Insect Control Service

Insect Control

We can’t live without the insects, but we don’t need them pestering us or our lawns and plants.  If you, your lawn, or landscape are being affected by insects of any kind, we are licensed and have the knowledge to quickly gain control over them and get things back to normal.

Mole Removal Service Wilmington

Mole Removal

Moles seem to be taking over!  We wish we knew what was causing this, but all we know is we can rid your lawn of moles if you happen to have one of these nuisance pests wreaking havoc on your lawn.  We use several methods to control moles and will identify the most effective for your unique situation.

All of our quotes are free and come with no-obligation!

We know you can’t make a decision without knowing the cost.  That is why we provide estimated pricing on our website to get you a rough idea without even having to contact us.  If you would like your official quote, please contact us and we are more than happy to provide it to you in a timely fashion.

Turf Health Analysis Soil Sample

Lawn Analysis

We love performing soil samples.  Many of the lawns in our community have a similar composition, but if your lawn is not responding to your fertilization effects, a soil sample may be a great idea to really hone in on what nutrients your soil is lacking or has in excess.

Lawn Fungus Treatment

Fungus & Disease Treatment

Environmental conditions can lead to fungi and/or disease negatively affecting your lawn or plants.  We are very familiar with both and can certainly help if you find yourself in this unfortunate position.

Sod Installation Wilmington

Sod Installation

Do you need grass now?  Well, sod may be the answer you are looking for.  Instead of watering and waiting for the grass seed to germinate we can install mature grass right on top of your existing soil and get your lawn whipped back into shape in no time.

Garden Weeding Service

Flower Bed Weeding

It just wouldn’t be right if we weren’t willing to pull the weeds from your flower beds.  After all the hard work and/or money you have invested in your landscape, the least we can do is offer a helping hand to keep it weed-free without you breaking a sweat.